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  • ChemBank - Initiative for Chemical Genetics. Freely available collection of data about small molecules (over 2000 compounds) and resources for studying their properties, especially their effects on biology.
  • The ChemExper Chemicals Directory - A catalog of 60000 fine chemicals searchable for free using a chemist-friendly search engine. Products are listed with physical data including IR spectra and MSDS. Contributions to the database possible with dedicated (and free) program.
  • ChemExpo - News, stock reports, products, directories, classifieds, and profiles of commercially available chemical products; focus reports
  • Chemfinder Chemical Directory - Directory of chemicals, physical properties, and Internet links.
  • Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) - CAS databases provide access to over 25 million documents, 26 million chemical substances, and 56 million sequences.
  • Chemical Port Chemical related information site.
  • Hazardous Chemical Database - Contains names, formulas and registry numbers for 1991 hazardous chemicals. This site was last updated in 1996.
  • Query Chem - Chemical search engine powered by the Google Web API.
  • Gelacs Innovation - The supplier of peptide and API.

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